Have you seen this cat - Personalized Cat Tee

$39.99 $29.99


Can't wait to show your cat to everyone?

This Personalized Cat Tee is cute and just perfect for you!

Upload your cat's photo and all you need to do is wait for the package!


How it works:

💖Step1: Upload your cat's photo

💖Step2: Choose the size you want

💖Step3: If your cat is a boy,please choose "He" Version. Instead, if your cat is a little girl,please choose "She" Version.


Product Features:


💖100% Cotton

💖Ribbed and double stitched collar

💖Machine-wash safe

💖High quality Printed

Shipping & Delivery:

Please note that the design and production usually take 10-15 working days due to our products' customizable nature, while the arrival shipping time is around 10 days. Thank you for your great understanding.

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